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Monday, September 23, 2013


PMOaaS.Org is proud to announce the creation of an organization dedicated to aiding the government and corporations doing business with the government with a baseline for secure, cloud based Program Management Office services. We assist and certify entities in designing and managing Cloud based PMO tools that take Program Management to the "next level".  Giving everyone - government leaders, integrators, contractors, installers, managers and customers, access and transparency to Program Management information.

The Problem

In today’s government contracting environment, contracts with commercial integrators, suppliers, and service providers require that a Program Management Office (PMO) be created and managed by the contract holder, so that proper record keeping, data collection, progress and cost management requirements can be measured and reported.

While this data is not typically required to be housed in the customer's or government's facilities, the contract holders must meet stringent security requirements, access control requirements, and application hosting needs for the Program.  This creates multiple core problems for both the government managers and the contractor:

·        The high cost associated with creating the PMO hosted environment is expensive for the contractor and the government - no matter which party hosts it
·        The need to license, maintain and upgrade software for the PMO is costly and complex
·        The delivery and archiving of PMO data is designed to meet minimal contract requirements
·        The flexibility of management tools to be modified and enhanced to meet requirements requires additional investment and contract modification
·        Transitioning the PMO data, servers, applications and processes to the government at the end of the contract ss costly, complex and done at a minimum to meet contract requirements, if at all

The Solution

Via Cloud Computing Platforms the government has the ability to stipulate a Secure Cloud Based Platform, comprised from off the shelf, semi-custom and/or custom applications, as the foundation for the PMO management tools.  This PMOaaS offers key advantages to both the government and the contractor:

·      The startup cost of the PMO hosted environment is almost nothing
·      The need to license, maintain and upgrade software is completely removed
·      The delivery, archiving, transfer of data, status reports, data analysis, business analysis and program measurements are all built right into the PMOaaS
·      Tools, reports and dashboards can be created, customized and exported as desired by the government to meet the needs of Contracting, Business and Technical Program representatives.
·        Transferring the data at the end of the contract from contractor to the government is as easy as handing over the system logins.

The Role Of PMOaaS.Org

Our organization is comprised of a group of professionals from Industry, Government and IT services companies who have taken the leadership role in creating Best Practices and Standards in the development of tools for professional Program Managers.

Just as the Program Management Institute (PMI.Org) has set the standard for processes and Best Practices in Program Management, PMOaaS is working to set the standard in Cloud based PMO tools and services.

Joining PMOaaS

PMOaaS leverages established Cloud Services suppliers such as Microsoft, Citrix, SalesForce and Amazon to providegovernment entities, integrators, and contractors with a choice of Cloud Services upon which to add existing ready to use project and program management applications such as; work breakdown structures, Gantt charts, project tasking tools, timekeeping, cost management, EVM, CMMI processes, ITIL flows, business analysis dashboards, graphs and resource management tools.

We expect to open up PMOaaS.org so that government and industry professionals may join, and may contribute to developing standards for industry and government, as well as receive certifications for meeting PMOaaS requirements.

For now, membership is restricted to a select group of Homeland Security and Intel Community experts.  You may send in your contact information and request to be notified when membership opens to other government and industry professionals.

PMOaaS™ Value to the Government

Government contractors are working hard to find ways to reduce the administrative costs of contracts so they may be more competitive. However they fear offering something the government might find new and untested, and therefore reject in either bid submissions or after contract award. 

Government contract managers are working hard to find was to reduce contract costs and still get the best value solution that meets the stakeholder needs, while reduce the level of effort stakeholders are required to provide as their project load increases.

PMOaaS works to quantify the standards, reduce risk and save everyone money.

How to implement PMOaaS in your next government RFP

For government procurement offices, implementing PMOaaS may just be as simple as adding the requirement to RFPs for “a Cloud based, secure Program Management tool suit that meets current best practices for PMO management, meets GSA moderate level Authority to Operate Security Specifications, and which ownership of the service and all logins shall be transferred the government at the end of the contract.

If saving money and adding features to your government PMO is part of your 2014 contracting goals, then make PMOaaS part of your next RFP.